Inspection of rug

  1. A detailed inspection is done before we start the wash process on any rug. This allows us to determine what method and what materials are suitable for use in washing your handmade rug. Pre-existing conditions such as tea-washing, tears, old spotting attempts, sun-fade, residue from past cleanings, stains, and other damages are also revealed to us when we inspect your rug. Overall, the laborious process of thoroughly and meticulously inspecting your rug enables us to ensure that we care for your rugs to the best of our ability so that when we return your rug to you, you are completely satisfied.


      2. Before we start the wash on your rug, it is completely dusted to remove any extra particles, dust mites that may have built up in your rug over time.                                 Professionally dusting your rug removes most, if not all, unwanted materials. Dusting helps eliminate those particulates, from your rugs, which cannot
          be taken out even after vacuuming. 


      3. Once the wash process starts, each rug is meticulously washed by hand with flowing water to ensure the best result. During the washing stage, we ensure that             the detergents we use are completely free of chemicals. The shampoo used by us in washing your rugs is a neutral-balanced solution.


      4. The final stage is drying your rug. In this stage, we take multiple steps in making sure that all water, moisture, or dampness is completely removed from your                 rug. We strive to ensure that no electronic dryers are used in this process. Once the water has been reduced to a minimum, your rug is hung to dry naturally in             a climate controlled room. The drying process takes between 48 to 72 hours. Once we are certain your rug is completely free of any residual moisture or                    dampness we use a purpose built brush to comb your rug which fluffs the pile to achieve a texture that leaves your rug looking as close to being as new.

Types of Rugs We Clean

  • Silk rug cleaning

  • Silk and wool rug cleaning

  • Cowhide rug cleaning

  • Sheepskin rug cleaning

  • Wool rug cleaning

  • Persian rug cleaning

  • Pakistani rug cleaning

  • Indian rug cleaning

  • Oriental rug cleaning

  • Native American rug cleaning

  • Sisal rug cleaning

  • Antique or heirloom rug cleaning

  • Hand tufted rug cleaning

  • Machine made rug cleaning

  • Karastan rug cleaning

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